When you add a product or page to the website, it is assigned a template. Unless you specifically change the templates, they are just given the default. When you make changes in the theme customizer (customizer info below), those changes affect every page or product assigned to that template. 
  • The homepage has its own template, and I created special templates for the raffle and draw down tickets, and the member form page — which you should never assign to anything else. So you can edit those items freely as needed, without affecting anything else. 

When you add a new page (online store > pages > add page or click here), you can enter page content and photos from there, and it will only apply to that particular page. If you wanted to rearrange the order the sections show on all pages using that template, you would do that from the customizer.
  • This info is the same for products as well (products > add product or click here). 

Homepage updates and most of your layout changes will be made be in the theme customizer, which you can access from:
Online store > Customize (green button toward the right of the page) or click here.

Once you’re in the customizer, you can navigate to any page to see your different customization options in the sidebar.
  • Changes made to the announcement bar, header, footer, and theme settings are universal, and are applied to all pages.
  • Once again, changes you make to the homepage will only affect the homepage. Changes you make to pages and products will affect any items using the same template. 
  • You can click on the existing sections in the sidebar to update content already on the site, or click the “add section” button to create new content.
  • You can rearrange the order in which they appear by clicking the cluster of dots icon next to their listing in the sidebar, and dragging them up or down. 
  • You can hide/unhide sections by clicking on the eye icon. So if you are preparing for an event, but you aren't quite ready to go live with the details, you can go ahead and build out the page sections, but keep them hidden until you're ready.

To update the navigation, go to online store > navigation or click here.
  • You can add, remove, edit, and rearrange nav links from here.
  • When adding/editing links, you are automatically given a list of internal categories, so unless you are linking offsite, you can click on the category and find the item you're looking for without having to know the url.
    • These products are set up to link through each set of numbers. So when adding them to the nav, link to the FIRST set of numbers. So when the category list pops up, choose products, then select the 0-99 product as the link. Once people get on the page, they can select from all the other numbers.